First off, I'm really glad you're here. If you've already decided to hire me for your project, feel free to skip this and just fill out this form I'll get right back with you and get your work done as soon as possible.

I've been doing voiceovers for over 15 years. During that time I have helped numerous clients enhance their sonic image. I'm very proud to have been a part of so many important moments, and have even won a few awards along the way.

My studio environment and taste for high-quality equipment has served my clients well. I can't wait to stand behind one of my best mics and create the perfect sonic mood to portray and benefit your product or service.



I've done a lot of fun work for some great companies. Adding you or your client to the list would be a privilege.
Companies I've worked with



But enough about me from my big mouth. These professionals have some very nice things to say about me too. My goal is to give you the same level of satisfaction.
  • Mark Van Gelder
    "Voiceover can be dry noise or it can live and breathe, move you, or make you laugh.  Matt Pelsor produces the later.  If you’re looking for someone who takes it to the next level, you’ve found the right guy!
    Mark Van Gelder
    Production Director iHeartMedia San Francisco, CA
  • Brian Vitellaro
    When Matt and I worked together at Clear Channel/iHeartMedia, there were a lot of voices around the company I could use, but Matt's is one of the few I always WANTED to use. His flexible delivery works great for commercials where I've needed attitude, sincerity, and even some voice acting. Plus he's a great producer and can bring your ideas to reality with skill, creativity, and talent. HIRE HIM NOW.
    Brian Vitellaro
    Production Director iHeartMedia Austin, TX
  • Mary Cochran
    Matt is a true professional. Regardless of the time of day or length of the copy, he always comes through with the perfect read for my clients!
    Mary Cochran
    Production Director iHeartMedia Baton Rouge, LA
  • Joe Lomonaco
    Broadcast Production Directors work with limited resources and rapid fire deadlines. In Rochester, we relied on Matt to quickly deliver exceptional voice work. Matt’s style was perfectly suited to several of our key clients who requested his voice for their campaigns. Matt’s “in the trenches” radio production background makes him ideally suited for medical clients, sports bars, automotive, and others too numerous to mention.
    Joe Lomonaco
    Production Director iHeartMedia Rochester, NY
  • John Anderson
    Matt Pelsor’s voiceovers capture the emotional essence of advertising without fail. His interpretation of sometimes less-than-perfect scripts is among the finest in the industry. His interpretation of great scripts is usually amazing. Overall, A great communicator.
    John Anderson
    Production Director iHeartMedia Asheville, NC
  • Nathan Rausch
    Not only is Matt an outstanding voiceover talent, but he is able and willing to take direction.  This is a huge asset that makes Matt the right fit for any of our projects.
    Nathan Rausch
    President at Invention Pictures, Inc.
  • Kim Spoonmore
    Matt was great to work with. He was extremely professional and timely in his execution of our project. We will definitely utilize his services again in the future.
    Kim Spoonmore
    Director of Operations at Willow Marketing
  • Jon Houghtalen
    Matt is always very professional and easy to work with.  With only a script and slight direction he quickly delivers a spot that stands out.  His clarity and tone provide our clients with messages that are completely consistent with their image goals.
    Jon Houghtalen
    Krave Marketing


So how about it? If you'd like me for a project, or even just an audition, shoot me a message. I'll receive it immediately and get back with you today.